Interested, but fearful of not knowing anything? Don’t worry about starting with no knowledge.  Many adults start with little or no martial arts experience.Adults train in the martial arts for many different reasons.  Whether it is for self defense, cardiovascular workout, strength training, or working through struggles they may have, practicing and training in the martial arts gives someone many more benefits than they thought they could ever achieve.



Many adults find that the martial arts gives them a calming feeling when they come into the dojo. They are practicing and studying for themselves. It is a non competitive environment where everyone works and learns from each other, no matter what rank they are at. It is also an excellent form of stress release.



FITNESS……Martial Arts not only works every muscle and bone in the body; it also develops muscular endurance and strength. Also, as adults, we are role models to our children and the next generation. Children seeing their parents or any other adult taking care of their bodies through exercise, sets a great example.



SELF DEFENSE…….While a self-defense course may teach someone the basic skills for self-defense, it has been shown that in a self-defense situation, a person is rarely able to access their conscious mind and instead relies purely on instinct. This is where karate becomes so valuable for self-defense. All that is practiced at the dojo, repeatedly, does not require physical strength. It is about being instinctive and developing muscle memory.



Personal growth in spirit goes hand in hand in developing the mind and body in martial arts. Students learn and develop in ways they never thought possible.