The  goal of the Little Warriors program is to help your child learn skills, including listening, classroom etiquette, and of course, the foundations for martial arts training. Although your child is the one who is enrolled in classes at our school, you are also part of our dojo community. We believe that a family should work together to help the child succeed. 


Students in the Little Warrior Program will learn about being respectful to themselves and others.  For many, this is the first social experience they will have.  They will learn about taking turns, being polite and doing their best, but knowing it is okay to make mistakes.



Each class is designed with fun in mind. Students and their adult will be on the floor at the same time. Students will participate in fun drills to develop better body balance, coordination, self control, etc.


Students will earn stripes on their karate belt for different virtues that are developed in the classes. They will perform a mini "test" to earn their stripe. These tests will help develop confidence in the child that is so important.

The Little Warriors is a continuous month to month program.  Classes meet once a week on Wednesday mornings at 9:00 AM or Wednesday afternoons at 1:30 PM.   We do include one makeup class a month, if you are not able to make one of the classes during the month.  White Mountain Karate ensures a proper amount of staff for each class to ensure the best experience for you and your child.  The tuition is $69.00 a month.  The uniform, which includes the shirt, pants and belt is $39.00.