“It’s not about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than you were the day before.”

Karate is the ideal sport for teenagers to help build self-confidence, increase fitness, flexibility, discipline, co-ordination, and courtesy, all while learning basic self-defense skills.

Most young kids love participating in a variety of activities (sports, drama, scouts etc). This willingness to try new activities and meet new people builds their self-confidence and develops their social skills.  But sadly, by the time they become teenagers, many will give up those activities.  One reason for this is puberty, which can quickly change a teenager’s self-confidence.  Karate classes are set up to help avoid this drop in self-confidence and in fact, serve to build it.



*Puberty creates a vast difference in physical size and shape between teenagers because each teen develops at their own body’s pace. With this, many teenagers shy away from most sports due to their competitive nature.
At White Mountain Karate, we train non-competitively, therefore, each person learns and moves at their own pace. This environment will allow the teen to focus purely on their own improvement and development. As they continue to train and improve, it will help boost their self-confidence.


* Many teens feel very self-conscious about the changes occurring in their body. So they will avoid any activity where they will have an audience or spectators.
Being non-competitive, the sidelines of a karate class are not full of cheering parents. While a few parents choose to watch, many drop their children off. This gives the teen a more comfortable feeling of no one watching from the sidelines.


* Teens spend a great deal of time comparing themselves to others, whether it is body shape or clothes. Most teens will develop an opinion of someone simply by seeing clothes (the brands or style) they wear. They also use their own choice of clothing to define who they are to others.
At White Mountain Karate, we focus on developing character, and taking the clothing image away. The “gi” (karate uniform) takes away the clothing identity and puts everyone on the same level. Therefore, the only way to judge anyone is on character identity. We focus heavily on developing strong character traits and by doing so, help build confidence in our young adults. Having confidence will help them in so many areas of life, including meeting new people, to a first job interview, to presenting in front of their class.