Admissions Procedure:

**A limited number of new students are accepted for enrollment at White Mountain Karate each month.  Priority is extended to family members of current students and family members of black belt graduates. Each application for admission to our school is carefully considered because we limit the size of our classes. To qualify for enrollment, potential students are required to go through the following steps:

Step 1 : An appointment is made to tour the school and meet with the Dojo Instructor or Head Instructor.

Step 2 : Participation in our Introductory Program. (see below)

Step 3 : Enrollment conference with the Head Instructor. Both parents are requested to attend for an enrollment of a student under the age of eighteen.


Introductory Program:

**Your first lesson is a one on one private or semi-private lesson with one of our qualified black belt instructors.  We use this time to teach the foundation of martial arts movements and self defense techniques.

**In your following lessons, you will be involved in the group environment and seeing and being part of the social dynamics of the class.  You will be involved in the drills and techniques that are worked on in a regular class.

**This introductory program is $79.95 and includes 2 weeks of classes, a karate uniform, and an evaluation at the end.

Tuition Options:

**Our regular program is a twelve month enrollment based on 100 classes per year.  Group classes are 45 minutes for junior students, 60 minutes for teens, and 75 minutes for adults.  We have classes scheduled 6 days a week.  Our new students have ample time to work with an advanced student or black belt instructor during each class to focus on learning new material.  We  want to ensure that the student is confidently prepared to partake in the classes.

**Our program also includes Kyu rank testing and belt fees, makeup lessons and private lessons when needed.

**The price of our enrollment is $149.00 per month.

Second Family member:
     A second family member in our program will receive a 5% discount on their annual tuition.

Pay in Full Option:
    For students who wish to pay in full, we provide a 5% discount on the annual tuition.

Month to Month Option:
     We also offer a month to month option at $186.25  per month with a 30 day cancellation notice.